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breonnarodriguezIt would be an understatement to say I’ve had one hell of a summer, but having a hustle does have it’s rewards. In July, Zenfulie partnered up with, “a spot for a new generation of bold and savvy Latinas to connect and have their voices heard. From recipes to advice on date night outfits to stories on women who are making an impact in their communities, Vivala has you covered.” And as one of their Founding Creators — I’m your new go to gal on all things love, sex and relationships.

So far, I’m ten articles in and loving every minute of it. I’ve talked about the benefits of chilling with Mr. Right now, how to avoid those pesky UTI’s after sex,  hot sexting tips you can use to keep your identity safe and more. It’s been super fun to take all the cheerleading I do on Zenfulie and bring it to a new audience who appreciates a candid and sometimes hilarious voice on touchy topics. Be sure to check it out every week AND follow these other fellow founding creators. Whether you’re a Latina or not — I know that you’ll love them just as much as I do. Click on the bio pics to visit our columns.  — xoB
Fitness: Ary Nuñez
One hug from Ary and you’ll feel like you’re glowing for a solid two days — her energy is infectious. This Dominican celebrity fitness trainer, Nike-sponsored athlete and lifestyle coach has a mission to inspire and empower today’s young women. Plus — she trained RiRi’s hot body. #InAryITrust

jackiecruzCelebrity:  Jackie Cruz
Jackie Cruz (A.k.a. Flaca on Orange Is the New Black) opens up to Vivala in her Solo Jackie video series, where she talks about her many talents and passions, growing up both in the U.S. and the Dominican Republic, plus about making it in Hollywood. Check out her first EP, Hollywood Gypsy.

stephanieflorBeauty:  Stephanie Flor
You probably recognize Stephanie from her interview with Zenfulie over a year go. She is my North star when it comes to being a generous woman and dreaming big. Follow this Costa-Rican makeup artist and traveler in her DIY video series, as she shares her mission to keep worldwide beauty heritage alive.

alejandraramosCooking: Alejandra Ramos
I’m going to raise my hand and say this is one of the sexiest, funniest and kindest chef’s I have ever met. This Puerto Rican food blogger and lifestyle expert shares her passion for all things food, entertaining and  kitchen fun.

nataliesuarezFashion:  Natalie Suarez
Vivala struck gold with this gorgeous Chinese-Spanish-Mexican model, whose passionate for New York and all things creative oozes out of her all-embracing style. Fans of her site can get even more Natalie now with her video series on style for every occasion.

annievazquezFashion: Annie Vazquez  
Annie’s newly red hair and chic taste in fashion, honestly, had me at hello. I am such a fan (and she’s incredibly nice too!) This Miami/NYC based fashion blogger is an journalist and fashion writer that’s been featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmo Espanol, The Today Show and more.

kathleenpaganHome & Lifestyle: Kathleen Pagan  
Kathleen is like a Martha Steward genius for millennial women. She is an entertaining stylist & lifestyle blogger with a simple mission —Fashionable Living! And like a true hostess, she is generous with all her secrets of her success and her passions on her site, Endlessly Elated.

sashamonikmorenoCareer & Finance:  Sasha Monik Moreno  
Sasha is a Dallas based attorney with a passion to empower other modern Latinas to they pursue their dreams and goals. When she’s not writing on her site, The Modern Latina, to she’s giving smart advice to young Latinas on how to advance their careers and be intelligent with their finances.

michellerivasHealth & Fitness: Michelle Rivas
Michelle wants to give the right tools to live a healthy lifestyle — especially to Latinas. From apps, healthy food choices and the post work out cocktails you should avoid, Michelle gives a fun, light hearted spin to making your lifestyle an happier and healthier one.

biancaalexaBeauty& Hair: Bianca Alexa
Curls. Curls. And more curls. Vivala keeps beauty top of mind with the addition of model and natural hair vlogger, Bianca Alexa. Based in Los Angeles, her YouTube channel and Vivala column is a mecca for women looking for natural hair tips.



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Dance of Seven Veils, by Gaston Bussiére 1925
The original Dance of the Seven Veils was performed by Salome as danced for Herod Antipas, telling the story of John the Baptist’s execution. However at the time of her perfomance, the dance did not have a name. It was Oscar Wilde who later called it The Dance of the Seven Veils in his 1891 play, Salome. The dance is linked to a period of time where veil dances later became popular and spawned the dawning of striptease performances.

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