Yari Blanco Shares 10 Hopes for Women in The New Year


It’s a brand new year (and a nine year in numerology) which means it’s the perfect time to change shit up, and remove anything that no longer works for you. For inspiration on how to take 2016 to the next level, I went to Montmartre in Chelsea NYC, to brunch with the ultimate hype woman, GirlGangNYC founder Yari Blanco. She had lots of hopes and dreams for all of us ladies this year, and I’ve got her ten cents, and then some, below. Check it out:

Something You Hope For Women in Social Media in 2016
Um, I hope that women stop showing so much of their assets online. Nothing wrong with being sexy, but I want ladies showcase a little bit more about who they are as human beings.

Something You Hope To See for Women in Film & Television
More women of color, for sure. All my brown ladies. All my black ladies. Just different shades and different characters! I was thinking about that the other day; that we have so many layers as humans. And when there’s a character that’s one dimensional, it doesn’t really cover us as people. So I would love to see more women of color play deeper characters.

With Women & The Election
I would like to have more conversations around the subject. I feel like that’s a really really touchy subject, and would just love to see more women having conversations about the election. There’s a lot happening that can affect us and our vote really matters. I want to see conversation even if it creates conflict. 

For Female Entrepreneurs in 2016
I wanna see us wiiiiin! I just wanna see us win.

For our spirituality
I hope for us to have more honest conversations with ourselves. For us to check in with our with our minds, our souls and our hearts and see where we are along the way. Because the minute you start doing that, and the minute you stop lying to yourself and start getting into your intuition (I’m really big on female intuition) is the minute you start making wiser choices for yourself.

What do you would like to see for women and money for 2016
Have a fucking savings account! I don’t know how many of my girlfriends don’t have a savings account, and that scares the shit out of me! I’ve always been very big on stability. And learn about investing! Your setting yourself up for success 20 years down the line.

About love
One, being vulnerable with somebody is really hard. So, practice that. Even if it’s in the shower and you’re having a conversation with God. Two: don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Men are not mind readers. God bless their souls, but if you don’t tell them what it is that you want, you’re never going to get it. And maybe they can’t get you what you want, but at least you have an answer. And there’s nothing sweeter than having a solid answer on something. 

About success
That nothing is easy. Learn to humble yourself and that if you really want something, even if you have to do it through tears, perseverance is everything. And eventually it will fucking happen.

About women’s safety in this world
If you’re lucky enough to live in a westernized country, be mindful of that privilege. There are places in this world where women pose a threat, where women aren’t valued as human beings. So don’t take that type of safety for granted. Now, I grew up in NYC & know how shit goes down. So my inner tough girl says take a self-defense class (which I’m looking into myself). Learn some life changing moves, be aware of your surroundings and I don’t mean in a paranoid way. But still, remember you don’t have Beyonce’s security detail.

Five Items Women Should Have in their Closet
I’m a tomboy with girly vibes, so I’m gonna say a pair of well fitted sweat pants – the tapered ones, a piece of jewelry that makes you feel powerful, a pair of dope sneakers, a really sexy, structured dress, and the last thing would be pins. I’m really into pins right now and they are about to blow up in the spring. Get some pins that really represent you and rock out!


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