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Have an article idea you think would be perfect for Zenfulie? Or maybe think Zenfulie’s audience would get a huge kick out of your brand? Let’s talk! We are always looking to meet new friends and work with amazing writers, content creators and innovative brands to inspire and encourage women everywhere. Email your pitches or ideas to Breonna Rodriguez at 

Most Recent Guest Columnists:

Vyjayanthi Vadrevu
Vy took a moment to share her journey learning how to master the art of staying put. She carefully walked readers through the throws of escaping your life and how a simple tweaks to your process can lead to tremendous peace in your day to day.

Rebecca Carvalho
Rebecca took over Zenfulie this past February, and created some of the best pieces for the site yet. Check out her work and follow her on Twitter! (It will be your favorite follow, ever.)

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