Weekly Horoscopes for January 15th, 2018


With a new moon in Capricorn on our hands, we’re seeing that the universe is giving all our dreams and personal lives an extra boost of that success and connection we’ve been looking for. All we have to do to access this goodness: open your hearts and get vulnerable. Speaking of goodness — this week’s playlist feature all artists from the LBGTQ community. Start adding this jams to your Spotify if you don’t know them already… the Taurus song of the week, My, My My will change your life!


I like this new moon a lot for you, because it feels like you’ll finally get to take your shot. You’ve observed a lot of things that might have been wrong or out of your control over the last several months. But with Mars conjunct and Pluto squared with the planet Jupiter, I think you’re going to feel the effects of this new moon as one that turns the tables in your favor. It’s a good time to push the pedal to the metal and go for what you want. Pitch that idea. Ask for that relationship to take the next step. Whatever it is — this is the week and certainly the month to try to bring your vision to life.


Have you been waiting for someone to ask you out? Or thinking that now might be a good time to get that ring? Or maybe that it’s time to take a business relationship to the next level — professionally I mean. Just so you know — your ruling planet is out there giving everyone the bedroom eyes again, and there isn’t much in this universe that’s out of your reach this month. Sissy that walk and strut through this new moon knowing that Venus is selling your assets to all you desire. If you don’t get outright yeses this week, you’ll definitely open the door for further conversations.


This new moon sits nicely with how Mercury is sextile Neptune to give you more sensitive, creative vibes. I’m not sure this is the time you’re going to get a lot from going to parties and being head of the social scene. Instead this new moon on Tuesday is a great chance for you to make time and create new habits around the creative parts of your personality. Whether its finishing that script, taking a wine and painting class solo, or just movie dates to foreign films with a really close friend… you’re star chart is asking you step away from the hoopla and hang out with the best company there is — yourself (and someone who loves you just the way you are.)


On one hand, this new moon is going to connect you to the things, people and opportunities that you love — they are going to give you space stretch out and feel a warmth that isn’t always easy to come by, thanks to Venus. On the other hand — there’s something about all this sharing that could make you over think a situation or two this week, thanks to Uranus. Maybe someone says something that hits your spider senses wrong and makes you question their honesty or intentions. Or perhaps someone pays you a genuine compliment — but it feels so out of left field that you have a hard time believing them. Benefit of the doubt should be exercised this week. Come back and ask more questions when you’re feeling less of Uranus’s influence later in the week.


It’s normal to get triggered by uncertain situations, but this week you might feel Uranus poking at you extra hard to have an even larger reaction to a situation than is warranted (plus, you’re not going to feel very good about it later on.) In fact, if you don’t plan for Uranus squaring your ruling sign this week, you might find yourself cleaning up the mess well into February. If you can at all delay your response by a week or two, you’ll find a much quicker resolution that will be a cleaner outcome for everyone. And in that down time, give yourself space to accept the lesson of the moment and create a new version of your outlook on things.


I like how this new moon is working in your favor — there’s inspiration waiting for you on the sidelines, should you just stop and smell the roses… and tulips… and food cart. Your ruling planet is sextile with Neptune during this new moon, making it the perfect time to take a look around and find a way to get in touch with what brings you joy. Whether it’s chatting with an old friend again, bingeing on a show, or spending a few extra hours in the office to make that presentation have a few bells and whistles. This is an investment period for your soul — the more time you deposit into you, the more fruitful your 2018 will be.


This new moon is asking you click into the single-line truth of your heart — and believe it will come true. Now is the time for you to cut the past from the present and begin to build the vortex of your future. With this new moon in particular, I want you to begin adding “affirmations” to your daily routine. Look at yourself in the mirror, and say the positive truths of your life: I am special. I am winning this part of my life. I am a talent that people want in their company. Love is coming my way. Money flows to me abundantly. Whatever it is — now is the time to cast all energy forward, and charge ahead.


With the optimism and opportunity flooding your charts in the next few weeks, you might be finding it hard to think straight. Where these positive influences could make some supremely cocky (and I suspect some of you might take this route), many of you might be overwhelmed by the amount of choices you find yourself coming across right now. Should you go left? Should you go right? Is this enough? Or too little? The answer, as always, is inside your heart — asking other what they think may not give you the clarity you seek this week.The universe wants to graduate you to the next grade at school … where the work gets a little bit harder this year. Knowing how to steer your own ship is part of the rush.


This is the kind of week where you can get out there and really shine to the beat of your own drum. Your relationships, ideas and career are getting an extra boost from Pluto, leaving you with a lingering mojo that people can’t get enough of. What I’d like to see you do, however, is to utilize a list this week. Yes — pen, paper and a spiral notebook, not in your phone, old-fashioned list. With the new moon in Capricorn, it’s the perfect time for you to not only put yourself out there, but in a thoughtful way that leads to results you’ve been searching for. Don’t let this week slip by as a few good times — get a bit strategic with your calendar and opportunities and make future moves that stick for you.


The new moon is in your house, baby! Time to make your dreams come true and break the glass ceiling! Well it might not all happen this week in reality, but it should be happening in your mind. This Tuesday, try to give yourself an extra 30 minutes in the morning and before bed to visualize what the rest of your 2018 will be. If you haven’t made a vision board yet this year, perhaps consider making on Tuesday. Or at the very least, spend lunch on Pinterest making a clear intention about the kind of year you want for you. Get down into the details, with the people you want to meet and the money you need to have. This new moon is like a portal for Capricorns now — make your wishes known now, and the meal WILL ABSOLUTELY BE COOKED TO ORDER AND EXPEDITED. Don’t waste this vortex of positivity.


This is a good week to focus on what’s actually important, versus expanding your energy across too many tasks or goals. Uranus is doing a funny thing with the Moon and the Sun, and I think you could avoid a lot of drama if you just stayed micro and in your own lane. Let the world happen around you, as it will surely continue to evolve and be okay. By giving yourself this slightly slower but definitely productive pace, you avoid adding any negative drama to this energy of the new moon in Capricorn, and ensure a smoother time moving throughout the weeks to come. But… but… if you want the drama. If you feel the need to get it out for Out’s sake — the opportunity is there for you this week, too. Sometimes a release just needs to happen.


I love your chart this week because it reminds me of the sweetest day in July; where the weather is warm and the eastern coasts are filled with families and beach chairs and everyone is happy to be in the sun and with the ones they love. The new moon in Capricorn is the perfect time for you to emulate this feeling and be with all the people and the experiences that you love — and avoid the ones that irritate the hell out of you. Even if they live in your household — give those relationships some space from your energy this week. This new moon is just dying to keep a smile across your face that you’ll remember and replicate throughout the year. Take people up on dinners and meet-ups this week if you can.




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