Weekly Horoscope: January 7, 2018


Well ain’t this a lit week to be alive! The stars are aligning in everyone’s favor and it’s about to be a really great time. Let’s get to it. And as for the songs this week… since everyone’s having such a magical time, you’re getting magical Disney theme songs that’ll be stuck in your head all week. You’re welcome!

Okay, boo nugget. Are you ready to do it differently this year? I get a good sense that you just might be as the end of 2017 gave you a few moments to sit back amongst the chaos and uncomfortable places and find some avenues out. Even if they weren’t clear pathways, the planets worked hard to shine a little extra inspiration your way to get you kick started into progress.

Which is why you’re probably going to feel things really clicking into place this week with a tremendous amount of easy. With Mars conjunct Jupiter, sextile Mars and the Sun, you’ve got a lot of go-go juice to push you into progress. There are still lessons that come up this week, and try your best not to let Pluto’s conjunct energy to the Sun lead you down the pathway of feeling like “I can’t” or “This will never change.”  Change happens within you. Once you change your mindset and commit fully to your own prosperity, the little things will wash away like water off a duck’s back. That’s your homework this week. Commit to your own vision for your life.

Song of the week: One Jump Ahead, Aladdin


Your charts this week looks like a picture of Malibu. If the world around you is negative 20°, you’ll walk the streets feeling like a cool 70°. Venus is not out for any of the drama this week, so might I make the following suggestion:

Make a playlist of your favorite, upbeat songs. Play them as loud enough to take your mind away from the present and allow yourself to visualize your 2018 AND your 2019. Take yourself into a place of deep visualization this week, and make a new vision board if you haven’t done so yet. When the skies are this clear, it’s a good time to connect to self and really get clear on what the hell you want. Because when the next few full moons hit, it might be hard to remember your own truth. And you don’t need to get mixed up in that sort of chaos. Invest in your future this week.

Song of the week: Just Around The Riverbend, Pocahontas


So here’s where the duality of your personalities are going to want to work extra hard this week: where one part of you may want to dive deep into a genius idea you have at work, you could feel the other half of you loving the idea… but self-doubting the shit out of it. Or maybe flat out beating it down before you give yourself a real shot at success.

This week, see if you can take a playful approach with yourself. You actually are going to feel the influence of Saturn in your chart this week, and it should help you get a grip on things that have felt a bit allusive for a while. Just try to exercise more faith in what your mind can put forward. A little belief in yourself will go along way this week

Song of the Week: You Can Fly, You Can Fly! You Can Fly! Peter Pan


When I look at the major influences of your chart this week, I picture a person who is doing intense spring cleaning — and tremendously happy about it! You’re taking matters into your own hands this week, and you won’t get too much fuss about whatever you decide.

It’s almost as if you’ve purposefully walked into 2018 and decisively made moves on what should stay and what needs to go. And if anything seems to bring up a hesitation or a sore spot, it’s going to be but a quick growing pain. In fact, with a week like this, you might not even feel any growing pains at all! In fact, you might even meet another positive person who really turns out to stick around for awhile. You’re in the right this week — charge forward with authority. And clean house wherever your gut is taking you. You’re spot on.

Song: Spoonful of Sugar, Mary Poppins


You’re two weeks into the new year and you’re already in position to take over the world. Whether it’s a small idea that can improve your life drastically, or a new optimism you have in the workplace, the sun sextile Mars and conjunct Venus this week should give you a terrific burst of energy, focus and clarity — should you only reach out want to take advantage of it. Please — Follow that passion!

Because when Uranus squares the sun this week, you might feel tempted to through a pity party for one.  Whether someone dings your car, or just looks at your sideways in a meeting, it’s important that you leave whatever insecurities or irritations you picked in 2017 be left on December 31st’s doorstep. With your birthday just a few months away, it’s time to walk forward and release the bullshit and get to shining brightly again.

Song of the Week: I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, The Lion King


Confidence is your best friend this week. I can do it and I will try should be your mantra.

Because that little idea you have cooking in the back of your mind right now — even if it’s just something small like changing your hair, or going Paleo — plays a big part of your 2018. You’re sitting at the beginning of your domino line right now. And because you’ve really worked your ass off the past couple months, you’re going to see this little decision today play into a bigger success for you later on in the year.

And it’s not to say they are related: getting a hair cut today will get you a job by someone who likes that haircut two months from now  (though seriously it might.) But more so, this energy is about you deciding to be present and just commit. Commit to what scares and excites you today and watch your life change for the better in the months to come.

Song of the Week: I have Confidence, The Sound of Music
(TBH this might not be a Disney track — but it’s perfect for you now)


This week has the kind of vibes you thrive on best: lots of love, fun with a work schedule you can handle. With the planets giving you that kind of headspace, it might be wise for you to take a few moments are really chart out your 2018.

Especially when it comes to finances. Few people can organize an excel sheet like you can, so maybe take an evening and a warm pizza pie and start daydreaming what you could acquire this year. Is it time for a two-week vacation? Would a deposit on a new car be feasible? Finally pay those student loans off? This is the week were you could get some good planning done — and it could not be more recommended to do so. Where others will scramble to make ends meet this year, you’re forethought now could bring much peace to your 2018.

Song of the week:  The Bare Necessities, The Jungle Book


You’re energy this week is circa Lena Horne as Glinda in movie The Wiz. WOW. You are pure magic. The new ideas and inspirations that are hitting you this week are by no way an accident. They are the seeds that sprouted from your hard work months ago to move past what was not for you.

With the energy you have around you this week, you won’t even be for the bullshit — which might try to pull a stunt or two to mess you up mid-week. Whatever it is, remember that you are Lena right now. You are the good witch of the movie now. You don’t have to cast spells or take revenge on anyone, because no matter what they say or do YOU NOW KNOW they can’t hurt you the way they used to.

They can stomp on your slippers all they want to: you know that home is in your heart and it is stronger than ever. Take a victory lap around the mall this week girl. You really did the damn thing, and the stars (and yours truly) are very proud of you.

Song: This is What Dreams Are Made Of — The Lizzie McGuire Movie


I wish Happy Feet were a Disney movie, because a cute little Penguin with happy, little feet is really what comes to mind for your chart this week. Man, you’ve got good juju around you and you’d be wise not to waste a single drop of it.

Jupiter is doing a fun tango with a handful of strong planets this week, and in particular is conjunct with Mars and the Moon. This should play out like a Lionel Richie video from the 80s with a lot of brass bands and silky blouse shirts. You should plan as many social events, dates, lingerie trips — because this is a great week to have a party ALL NIGHT LONG. As well as celebrate the headway you make at work this week. The stars are on your side to take some chances, so put yourself out there.

Song: It Takes Two, Into The Woods


There’s a lot that our ruling planet is up to this year, and luckily it’s almost completely in our benefit. All the seeds sown with hard labor in 2018\7 are going to yield a harvest that you can’t even begin to conceive.

But you could try. In fact the most important thing you could do this week is to really sit down and commit to BELIEVING that good things are coming this year. To sit back and visualize where all your energy has gone and where it’s all about to manifest in big ways. With Mercury conjunct Saturn this week, you might be tempted to think that the hard work will never pay off. That maybe you’ve gone backwards or sideways and are out of your league. But it’s not so. Visualize. Pick an image and revisit it every day, every hour, all year long if it takes. Plant one more seed of believe for you grand harvest.

Song: A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, Cinderella



Have you ever heard of binaural beats? They have dozens of videos on youtube that have three-hour recordings of this relaxing and energizing music. With Mercury going conjunct with Saturn, I’d like you to stay as positive as possible this week. You have some big choices to make and your most positive energy and thoughts are required. And listening to music like this while you work SPECIFICALLY should keep you in a place of balance to handle whatever challenges may come. Positive thinking is EVERYTHING this week.

I also want you to take a pause before you respond to anything that needs serious thought this week. With the Sun square Uranus, communication could come in fast and a bit disorganized — maybe even a little more terse than your taste. But with the beats playing in the background, and with a two-minute-before-responding rule… you should come out the winner of this week.

If you didn’t learn it last year, 2018 will pound it into your head this year: patience and faith are your mantra.

Song: When I See An Elephant Fly, DUMBO (btw, don’t forget that one day… he flew)



I’d like to see you tap into your joys this week. The moon trine Neptune this week should be peppering your imagination with a myriad of creative ideas, and there couldn’t be a better time for you to bring them ALL to life. You’re leaving a 2017 energy that may have affected you a little differently than those close to you. This blossoming you’re feeling now is your spirits way to moving out of that negative energy and bring the brighter version you were meant to be — no matter who owns the nuclear codes. (Also, stay away from the news this week if you can. It’s just drama you don’t need.)

Song: Belle, Beauty and The Beast

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