Three Videos That Explain Manifestation Perfectly


I get this question all the time: how the f*ck do you manifest things into your life? How does manifestation even work? Do you just think about what you want? Is it the same thing as praying to God? How long does it take and what if it doesn’t work out?

All totally fair questions; truth be told,  I’ve actually struggled with the concept myself. But after practicing it with small things, like getting a column on a larger publication, or creating my first documentary, I eventually started to see how it all came together: you basically declare what you want, then act like what feels like an insanity but is actually being unwavering in your faith that you will have your dream, and then wah lah! But better than I can explain it, check out the three videos below to get a more expert reflection!

1. Wayne Dyer Spills Some Shade On “The Secret” and Clarifies Manifesting to Oprah


2. Gabrielle Bernstein Breaks It Down And Explains How Hope Never Rests

3. Erin Stutland Applies All The Above And Gets As Specific As Possible

Make sense? Ready to try? Got more ideas? Then share it all below!


Cover Image Source
“The Kiss”, by Vsevolod Maximovich 1913

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