Three Apps That Make Life Easier


Somethings, like tax season and march madness brackets, are just inevitably and forever frustrating. But for things like splitting a check, finding good eats and learning something new — we can now let an app do all the work.

Plates by Splitwise
Yes — for all those meals where you’ve had to endure the agony of not just splitting the bill evenly, I now present to you Plates. You can just add up to ten people, assign them what they had on the bill, and provide individual totals for each. Pretty genius.

Good Guide
Shopping green is a good thing, but the stores today are a hood ass jungle — filled of misconceptions and lying lables. Without extensive time researching each brand, it’s impossible to know if something was really grass fed or just lived within 5 miles of a pasture. Luckily, the Good Guide app does all that work for you. You can just scan your item’s bar code, review the Good Guide’s rating system and customize the review so you only see what you really care about.


This is sort of like wiki-how, but just way better looking and filled more lifestyle suggestions. Snapguide is a collection of how-to instructions, meals, diy projects, life hacks and more. It also has a nice social component, where you can create a guide and share it with your friends via Twitter, Pintrest and Facebook. Downside is — it’s for ioS users only. But fear not, Androiders. There’s a desktop version as well.


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