This Week’s Playlist: For Taking Off The Bra and Such Things…


This week, Zenfulie’s playlist is focusing on the duality of letting go: both accepting our fears about moving on and celebrating when our hearts are finally ready to leap into the unknown. Below are a handful of songs that tow the line between both beautiful dynamics. May you parlay the beats into something that gives your heart some comfort and your spirit great confidence. (Because you deserve both, my friend.)

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Nina Simone:
Feeling Good

Louis Prima: I Wanna Be Like You

Daniela Andrade: La Vie En Rose

Boyz II Men: Water Runs Dry

Sia: Cheap Thrills

Tokimonsta: Smoke & Mirrors

Haim: My Song 5

Cover Image Source
A lady smokes her cigar in the Vieja district of Havana, Cuba

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