The B*tch Is Back Summer Playlist


What kind of summer are you having without a kick-ass playlist to earmark each and every memory?! Hello — get you some jams, Babe! So far, Zenfulie’s summer has been amazing AF and these are all the songs we have been on-loop, non-stop. Follow the full list on Spotify, or peep the songs below! Happy Summer ya’ll! And wrap it up — summer pregnancies are a REAL THING.

1. Lush Life: Zara Larsson
This will make you lift your glass above your head, closing your eyes, spill your drink all over your dress (zero effs) and dance the night away.

2. Middle: DJ Snake, Bipolar Sunshine
Hop in the car, roll the window down and feel the air rolling through your fingers like a Selena Gomez video.

3. Talk: DJ Snake, George Maple
The Summer belongs to DJ Snake — I’m sorry. This will be on loop — be prepared.

4. Cruel: Snakehips, Zayn
Perfect song for those who just got played by love this summer. You aren’t alone, boo!

5. Girls @: Joey Purp, Chance The Rapper
I have to remind myself when this comes on at work that people can see me dancing… AND try to care enough to stop.

6. Safe and Sound: Justice
Feels good to have another summer with Justice in my phone. Just perfect to jam that will make playing Pokemon Go that much more fun.

7. This Girl: Kungs, Cookin’ On 3 Burners
Pre-game jam for vacation with the girls, or something you lip-sync to your Bae after four summer ales and two shots of Jamo.

8. Sex: Cheat Codes, Kris Kross Amsterdam
I’m not even mad at this Salt-N-Pepa spin-off. Honestly, this shit was mad overdue. #beachjam

9. No: Meghan Trainor
Hell done froze over, ya’ll. Cause I like a Meghan Trainor song — on purpose. The song is every girl’s problem when you out at the club. Why don’t dudes understand the word no yet?

10. Too Good: Drake, Rihanna

11. Me Too: Meghan Trainer
I’ve betrayed myself, but this song is so cute and the perfect confidence boost up before you go out. I’m owning it. I like two of this huzzy’s songs. Sue me.

12. Sunshine: POWERS
If you need to put on a song at a party and look really impressive, this is your jam.

13. Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On): Cheat Codes, Dante Klein
Another remix hits the list, but since nobody’s checkin for Kevin Lyttle, he should enjoy the boost in relevance again. Worth giving it some life.

14. Send My Love (To Your New Lover): Adele
The reason behind this playlist rests right about here: after an insane year of heartbreaks, catfish, and friendships lost, it feels so good to let go of all the ghosts.



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