Getting A Holistic Readings

Let’s talk about you. Seriously. Let’s talk about love, sex, work, cheating, heartaches, orgams, weight loss, crappy bosses, what’s holding you back, who’s hurting you most or what needs to change right now. It’s amazing what an outside perspective can do for a stagnant situation. And when you book a holistic reading with Zenfulie, you get a perspective that will guide you towards next steps with clarity.

Topics We Really (Really) Slay In:
Self love, Relationships, Career, Self-Confidence, Manifesting, Speaking Your Truth, New Career Directions, Cheating, Healing old Wounds, Friendships, Heartbreak, Learning to Love, Astrology Charts, Numerology, Living Your Best Life, Better Sex, The Law of Attraction, Forgiveness, Boundaries and Creativity

How it Works:
Fill out the form below, and we will follow up within 8 hours to confirm that we’ve both received your request AND can help you. All consultations will be emailed so you can reference them over time.

General Consultation:
No astrology,  numerology, or tarot — we just look at an issue that is dear to you, and provide you with three to four step action plans to help move you towards your goals.
Reports often include recommended reading and / or videos links to watch and dive deeper.

Astrology & Numerology Consultation:
Using your birth date, birth time, birth location and full name, we will calculate your full natal chart and numerology report. This will allow us to not only see how all the planets and stars make up your personality and life experience. It will also help us give you an 18 month forecast of the planetary events that will effect your chart next. Then we will discover your numerology report and learn more about your life path number, your karmic numbers, the personal year cycle you are currently in and what you can do to make the most of this moment in time.

Astrology, Numerology & Tarot (3 questions)
This is the same as the Astrology & Numerology report, except it includes three tarot questions as well. Reports will include an image of the spread so you can understand fully all the elements at play.

Tarot only:
Ask a question and let’s see what the cards have in store for you.
1 question: $10
2 question: $20
3: questions $30

(I do not read the following and advise seeking professional help for the following: 
pregnancy, death, illness, cancer, the deceased, time frames, legal, financial or medical advice. )

Payments by:  PayPal or Venmo

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