Oh F*ck It: One Man Trades a Dream Job for His Dream Life


Dreaming of leaving your highly successful career to pursue something you really love instead? Turns out, it only takes is a little planning, a little saving and a sizable pair of balls — all things director Mark Christy seems to have in spades.

It was a plan I heard him dream up almost two years ago — to leave his cushy job at NFL films and taking up residence with mother nature herself — and his super hot girlfriend. Together, they’ve been preparing for months and this summer they are finally ready to pop off and get shit started. And with his website, camptrend.com, we can all watch with envy, as Mark strides to live his happiest life yet.

Zenfulie: So catch me up. What the hell are you doing?

Mark: So basically, we are going to try out living a nomadic lifestyle for awhile. We love the outdoors and camping is the ultimate way to experience outdoor life. We’ll take some freelance work along the way.  But definitely camp and get out and see as much of the world as possible.

Z: Now you guys have been preparing for this trip almost two years now. What kind of things did you do to get ready?

M: Yeah, we came up with the idea about 18 months ago and fortunately we were both really excited about it. We came up with a timeline based on some things around work and decided that summer 2014 was as good of time as ever. I think most people never have that “perfect” time to leave a great steady job and we are no exception to that, but sometimes you just have to set your mind and go for it.

As far as preparing, we took a week-long road trip shortly after we came up with the idea and used it as our “can we live on the road” test. A week isn’t a long time by any stretch, but we just felt more and more comfortable with road/camp life as that week went on. Since then we’ve bought a used flatbed trailer that we’re going to build into a small camper, figured out solar power and water requirements and have been working on selling most of our furniture and other possessions.


Z:  Holy shit. That’s awesome. Do you know anyone who’s done this before? Or were you guys just brave enough to be like “fuck it” let’s do it?


M: Not personally, but through Camp Trend I’ve learned of people that regularly live on the road. The most surprising to me are the families that not only live, but thrive on the road. We don’t have kids so in some ways that makes things easier, but it’s awesome to see families doing the nomadic life.

Z: Do you think you’ll be expanding Camp Trend to share those kind of stories? Maybe help people get a better picture of what a nomadic lifestyle can be?

M: Definitely. I’m working on a new series titled “Camp Life”. It will be a series of profiles and stories on people that live on the road and camp. There are some amazing, ordinary folks that are into the lifestyle for any number of reasons. But there are also a good number of celebrities that embark on these trips as well — so I’m hoping it will be a chance to document the lifestyle in general. We’ll also be documenting our trials and tribulations as well and maybe someone will be interested in our life too.

Z:  On a scale to from 1 to 10— 10 being shit your pants scared — how scared are you to do this? And what’s been the thing that keeps your plan in motion?

M: Honestly, I’m only about “2” scared of the adventure itself. I’m about “9” scared of all the process that goes into the prep, mainly the downsizing of life. Fortunately editing is my part of my trade so it’s basically just a big life-edit.

Z: What would you tell someone who wanted to reach for something like this – this avant garde lifestyle – but they didn’t know how… or maybe they were too scared to do so?

M:  Think it comes down to recognizing what’s most important to you, because it’s different for everyone. Once you can cut through all the noise and figure out what you really need out of life, the hard work is done. After that, you just need the ability to figure out logistics and make decisions. Maybe the latter is harder for some people and we’ll try to offer some good advice on camptrend.com for people wanting to try a new life. But that’s it.

To follow Mark on his adventures follow him on camptrend.com or on twitter at @camptrend.


  1. Thanks for the interview and post! Super stoked to be a part of the Zenfulie web! If you want to keep tabs on all our adventures (and probably misfortunes as well) you can follow our travels on our tumblr blog -http://campbycamp.tumblr.com

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