Oranges: Your Next Favorite Health Obsession


Juice ’em. Slice ’em. Throw ’em in a stew. One of nature’s biggest gift to us all maybe the orange. If you aren’t into them already, allow me to remix your mind. Sure they require some work and the smell can really clock a room, but that’s all part of its genius design.

First: ze orange peel. True, it can be a bit of a sloppy annoyance, but there are a bazillion ways to take it off without popping a vein. And once you have won that battle, you’ll have a pretty powerful agent in your hand. Orange peels are packed with both uses and nutrients. You can find antioxidants and loads of vitamin C in the white stuff lining the insides called the pith. And if bitter is your thing, you can actually eat the entire rind and be the healthiest mofo out there (though I would only do that with organic oranges, because you don’t really want to eat pesticides, right?)  If you don’t eat the peel, you can throw it in your garbage disposal to clean it up. Or if mosquitos think you are a Swanson dinner, you can use the peels to repel them. You can even wrap a peel in gauze and shower up to give your skin a beautiful, vitamin filled glow. I’m telling you, there are a bazillion uses for orange peels.

Once you’ve picked a plan for the peel, set it aside and let’s get to the fruit. Since the focus this month is to energize your goals, I’ll just stick to two reasons why you should add these to your diet. First, the nutrients inside of an orange, especially the fibers and the Vitamin C, will help you focus. They give the mind terrific clarity, which will be key in the moments where your goals need the most of your dedication. Try slicing your oranges the night before, and bringing it into work for a mid afternoon snack. And not only will those two nutrients help your brain gain some mojo, but the natural sugars (the second reason) will also energize you. Clarity and energy, both happening at the same time… sounds like a magic momentum to me!

So next time you see these guys on a fruit stand, don’t pass them by. And drinking OJ at brunch this weekend doesn’t reeeaaaally count as the same thing either. For true, stabilizing energy you have to go full monty, piths and all. But a few bites in, your body will clearly know it was worth the effort.



P.S. Know someone heading to Morocco this year? Tell them to eat the oranges! I swear, I would smack my momma in the face for another one. They are sooooooooo good! Sorry Mom! Photo by Adam Greig



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