Book Review: 45 Pounds More or Less by Kelly Barson


OMFG. If you are looking for the world’s most honest and endearing weight loss story, then give author Kelly Barson’s hilarious book,  45 Pounds More or Less some attention. A quick, hearty read with challenges all too familiar, we watch the struggle to find our best selves through the eyes of sixteen-year-old Ann Galardi (who I couldn’t stop picturing as a young Rebel Wilson via Pitch Perfect). Through a protagonist both sharp and heartwarming, we see what the toll of a thin-obsessed mother, a disappearing friend and a whole pizza on a bad night can do to the psyche. However, in winning fashion, Ann inspires us all to reconcile with challenges head on and earnestly… and to never be afraid to try “try again.”

Though written for YA, this is truly a story for anyone who has ever wanted to do something seemingly impossible. And the inner dialogue of critical judgements Ann projects on to her mistakes creates a particularly powerful reading experience. They force one to reflect on their own conversations with themselves and wonder if they are just as unforgiving (for me, the answer was too easily yes). But the honest approach pays off, as Barson leads readers to inevitably love and be nicer to their own reflection a little more.

A hands down recommend, this is a book that will make you feel great. Watching Ann look at her challenges and tackle them so bravely will surely inspire you no matter what your goals are. Because in the end, every goal is about saying I am good enough and I deserve this. And this is one of the best stories out there to champions that truth.

Available on Amazon and very worthy of a Kindle impulse purchase.

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