Meet Rebecca Carvalho, Your New Favorite The Latina Writer

Rebecca_InsideShe’s funny. Like an accessible J-Law in your twitter feed that you can actually talk to, laugh with and cry on her shoulder. I would know, because that’s actually how the two of us met. She replied in the encouraging, sweet way one does when they are a true champion of women and the hustle it takes to get in #formation. And ever since, I’ve been following her smart quips and 140characters drops of genius as she passionates advocate for self-love and a women’s right to live her life to the fullest of her abilities and divine freedoms.

I’m both honored and excited to feature her voice this week on Zenfulie and feature her on the site’s first big documentary piece about self-doubt coming March 1st (plug!) Be sure to check out her amazing story of fighting back doubts and launching her career as a writer! But until then, here’s what you need to know about your new favorite Latina writer and how she’s conquering self-doubt on the daily:

Name: Rebecca E. Carvalho
Age: 24
Location: Haledon, NJ

What you love to write about:
Any lifestyle beat – travel, beauty, food, etc. I love writing about the things in this world that have inspired me or that I feel need to be known by more people. If I have a good meal – I want you to have it too! I also like tackling sex and relationship topics and issues. I feel like since I didn’t have a big sister to ask all these questions to that I should try and serve that role in a way. I also like to write about issues in the Latino community, more specifically the Puerto Rican community, targeting topics a lot of mainstream media doesn’t address. I have a piece about Colorism coming out this month.

What is the biggest theme running in your life right now? What “place” are you coming from?
My biggest theme right now is growth – personally, professionally, and spiritually. I’ve finally given myself the chance to start growing into myself. I’m learning more about myself every day- both my strengths and my weaknesses. I’m learning not to be afraid to say no to things I don’t want to do. I’m making mistakes and learning from them. I’m making the right decisions for myself and learning from them too.

What’s with your love for meditation?
I was a really angry person for many years. It started to consume my life and I started losing relationships and it was a toxic mentality to have. I was never very religious, but knew there had to be some kind of energy that made us all get here. I started meditating at the suggestion of a friend of mine, and was incredibly apprehensive at first — I rolled my eyes through the whole first session.

I decided that I had to give it a chance, because I was desperate – I was angry, stressed out, and miserable. It gave me the awareness that I needed to take those ten minutes or however long to be with myself, keep in touch with what’s important, and clear my head of anything that was stressing me out. It’s really just a way to find peace every day, and I think more people need to be open to that mindfulness – for themselves, and for others.

You’re featured in Zenfulie’s documentary Minus The Doubt that’s all about removing self-doubt from our dream-chasing process. What was the goal you wanted to achieve for the project and how did it turn out?
I’ve always been a writer — it’s the one thing in my life I could never stop doing. I started writing my book for the project, however the more I started to grow, personally, my voice started to change. I then began realizing that my book wasn’t ready, and I wasn’t ready for people to see that side of me yet.

It wasn’t doubt, it was just learning what works for me and what doesn’t, as well as being honest with myself about what my dream was. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been making it come true since I started putting my writing out there. Now, I’m writing more consistently and I know it has to do with how much I’ve grown through the MTD project. It made me look at myself, long and hard. Suddenly, things were very clear.

How has self doubt held you back in the past?
I realized that I had this huge issue with self limitation and self doubt. I started thinking, “I want to do this,” but the following thought would always be, “but I can’t because of…” It stopped me from doing many things that I should have done, and kept me from achieving something I knew I could do.

What do you hope other women learn from the project and your work?
I want them to learn to trust themselves, trust their intuition, and not to take no for an answer. I want them to be inspired to do the things that make them happy, and to face obstacles with tenacity.

Three things you love about being a woman?
The ability to always be resilient, strong, and fabulous.

Two things you’ll be working on this year that we should keep an eye on?
I’ve been working on some ideas for my own blog, focusing on my own platform a bit more instead of freelancing, and I’m starting to take on my first clients for Social Media and promoting small businesses, so hopefully that takes off this year as well! Keep an eye out for some photography projects I’ve been working on too – both in front of and behind the camera.

Finish this sentence: I wish more women would…
I wish more women would trust their intuition. Listen to that voice inside of you – it’s usually right!

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  1. Yanneris

    Beautiful things happen when we stop being angry!!!! Everyon young girl should read this. You are a big sister, to all the girls you influence thru your writing.

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