Italy: A Photo Meditation

Living happily. Permission to eat liberally. Finding infinite faith in humanity. There is no other country that inspires the human spirit the way Italy does. An ancient culture that champions both bravery and pleasure, the Italian way of living has always taught the world how to enjoy one’s life to the fullest. And below are eight incredible meditations that Zenfulie has picked up along the way through Rome, Capri, along the Almafi and back to Rome again. Read. Meditate. Marinate. And enjoy.


Down is not the same as out. We are made to survive.
(Homeless dog with missing eye. Pompeii)



There are doors. There are gates. There are avenues. And there are passages. Your heart knows which way to go. Follow your heart.

(Garden in the Ruins of Pompeii)



Give freely and forgive often. These are the best gifts we can give ourselves. These are the best things there are. The love eventually comes back to you.
(Unknown Sculpture, Vatican.)



Find the things and the people you can look up to. And marvel at them.
(St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican.)



Say nice things to yourself. Even if it feels uncomfortable. Even if it feels untrue. You deserve to hear nice things, think nice things and be treated kindly. Be more playful with yourself. Have fun.
(the island of Capri)



Make wishes. Make as many wishes as it takes. Have as many dreams as possible. Every little part of you deserves to meet a happiness.
(unknown cathedral)



More often than not, people are inherently good. They want to do good by you. They want you to be happy. They want you to be safe. Believe in them.
(unknown sculpture, Rome)



Smile. Eat gelato. And the other sweet things in life. Trust that you’ll know when to stop. That you know what is good for you. That you know what is best. That you are in control. And that you can and do know happiness. Eat all the gelato the world has to offer you.
(Trevi Fountain, Rome)

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