Horoscopes for Sept 17, 2017


New Moon in Virgo

I’ve been more enthusiastic about the Will & Grace return to NBC than I am about this new moon, ya’ll. (And I don’t actually have cable … or watch TV… so marinate on that.) In general, a new moon is like getting a mushroom in a Mario Kart game. It’s a great time to pick a reasonable goal you’d like to achieve, sync up with the moon’s gravitational pull on the planet and speed towards your goals even faster. As a multi-hyphenate, I love them.

But this new moon… ugh. It’s like going out with your Gucci thigh boots, a J-Lo dress and your grandparents as a plus one. No one’s getting laid with company like that. Jupiter is opposite Uranus, making it impossible to ignore what needs to be changed right now.  And even the Sun quincunx with Uranus has people extra nervous and sensitive to feedback.

SO BASICALLY… Instead of folks doing the right thing, you’re going to have some people stepping up to the challenge, and some running away.  Hope you don’t have a major deadline due at the office… cause some of your coworkers are about to get extra annoying. On the flip side, this could be your reigning moment to lead a group into it’s next best phase. Where others may be intimidated by the change, you could take this new moon energy and answer the call to be innovative and lead. So if you’re planning a family vacation, for instance, and no one can make up their mind… guess who gets to pick the location with greater ease now? Wink wink.

This new moon is all about what you wanna do — you can stay in your comfort zone, and risk missing out on a major opportunity to grow. Or you can leave the comfort of your grandparent’s company, walk out in them thigh-high heals, and own the world around you, despite how uncomfortable and intimidating that may be.

If you do decide to work on the things, you’ll find greater clarity by asking yourself very direct questions this month: what you’re doing, what do you want and who you really want to be? Push past the emotions of exhaustion and frustration  and show the world just how bad you want it. Whether its a relationship, a new job, an Emmy or a Kim K’s phone number — now is not the time to give up.

We must pivot. Make the necessary changes.  And keep on fighting on.

Horoscope Reflection

Ask Yourself
What am I so afraid will change? Who have I given full authority to? What is so wrong with asking for what I need? Who’s burdens have I been carrying long enough?


Your Weekly Horoscope:
All songs this week are courtesy of Lady Gaga.
A moon like this one needs some power bitch ballads. #sorrynotsorry

Better communications are finally coming your way again this week. Burdens of responsibilities should lift or get redistributed. You just need to ask nicely. And maybe treat yourself to something nice while you’re at it. Venus is conjunct Mars and insists you either agree to go on a date or splurge at the spa. Whatever would feel nicest to you.

Song: The Cure, Lady Gaga

Bring your A game this week. Swift changes and opportunities in your chart thanks to Jupiter and Uranus that you are meant to crush. Mars is here too, helping you fight for what you want. If you can add in some cardio activity between the sheets, your brain would be grateful for the clarity. All work and no play makes a very dull Taurus. 

Song: Applause, Lady Gaga

With the Moon in Virgo, you should feel a bit calmer this week. Communications should come in this week that will make you feel less crazy. Apologies could make their way to you — accept them. The North & South nodes ask you to move on this week… to let go of what causes you aches and walk towards what brings you joy.  This week, reach for clarity over drama.

Song: Paper Gangsta, Lady Gaga

Look at the self this week and ask what you need. Dreams and ambitions that have been lost can now be discovered. Especially around the home and in the office, Jupiter is asking for you to inspect your current living situation and assess where you have settled, and where you secretly desire for more. Be honest with yourself this week, so you can begin to craft an new plan for yourself.

Song: Scheiße, Lady Gaga

Where you have been outrunning some issues, you might feel called to resolve them this week. Saturn in the third house is asking for your relationships both personal and professional to hop under the microscope and be examined more closely. Don’t be afraid to say what needs to be said — but also speak from a place love. There’s no need to be defensive with what ever changes want to come out. This is all for your benefit.

Song: Perfect Illusion, Lady Gaga

With the moon in your house, you should get a bit of a reprieve this week. Take advantage of feeling a bit more like yourself, and see where you can find some place to recollect your thoughts. It’s been an intense year, and with a whole new one ahead of you, it would be to your benefit to consider creating new rituals that keeps your old, bad habits in check. Journaling, working out, less gossiping… you decide.

Song: Million Reasons, Lady Gaga

With your birthday in sight, this week could not be a better time to wrap up a crazy year and get started with a new lifestyle. Expect to get wind of a new opportunity this week. Throw your hat into the mix and voice your interest. If you get passed up for anything this week, ask yourself if you champion your own ambitions loud enough. Could be a valuable learning moment for you as well.

Song: Poker Face, Lady Gaga

Expect things to feel a bit smoother this week. A little less chaos, a little more room to talk and be heard. Good time to revise things in the office with a gentle approach. Good time to make moves on the dating/ relationship front. If you’re feeling someone, just tell them. Get the party poppin’ this week.

Song: Edge of Glory, Lady Gaga

Quick surprises and unexpected changes could occupy your week. Saturn is around to make this not only something you can handle, but something that could create lasting positive changes in you. Could be as simple as watching an inspirational documentary that changes how you eat forever. Just keep an open mind this week. There’s a message you need to receive.

Song: Diamond Heart, Lady Gaga

A new opportunity to shine is coming through this week, thanks to Jupiter. Lots of mental activity going on due to the Nodes in your chart — ask yourself what should stay and what should go. Ponder ideas of what you could be and how to get there. The sun square Saturn will further needle at your insecurities. Don’t let the fear win. Burst out and shine.

Song: John Wayne, Lady Gaga

Feeling a push and pull to break out and stay in one place this week. Where risks seems minimal, a million reasons could come up and change your course. The only road to follow this week is the road that comes from your heart. Others will need to click into you, not the other way around.

Song: Born This Way, Lady Gaga

A new way to have a very old conversation might surface this week. And issue you’ve been beating into the ground will either clarify itself this week, or you could just walk away from it entirely. The choice is yours, but the moon is on your side to keep fighting. The answer is in your own desires and needs. What do you need more than anything right now?

Song: Speechless, Lady Gaga

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