Horoscopes for September 27, 2017

Desk Working

Quarter Moon in Capricorn: Work Life Kinda Blows
Starting tomorrow, the moon will be in Capricorn and then in Aquarius until next Monday, shaking up things on the work front in a big way. It’s not to say that drama will start and things will fly out of your control (it’s not a full moon after all.) In fact, this could be a very positive influence, especially if you’ve been working hard for a promotion or just to be recognized. Saturn in Capricorn is all about giving credit where it’s due.

But for the rest of this week, and over the weekend, you’re going to have to really work hard to stay above the fray a bit. Keep a positive attitude, have courage when you need to stand up for yourself, and if tasks feel a little chaotic, push it back to next week. This might really mean shutting down your newsfeed addictions if you have them. I’m not confident you’ll see a Presidential tweet that’s going to make you jump for joy.

This influence is all for us to learn how to live well and work fairly with one another. To build a strong community around each other and improve our infrastructures and communication. And those who push against this collective consciousness, will create an such an irritation that it could only multiply on itself. Just because it will be clear how unnecessary it is. So don’t pick fights or lose your cool, no matter how justified you may feel. This is a week for investing in the greater good.

Ask Yourself

Ask Yourself
How can I can connect to those around me more? What fears can I let go of about other people? Who am I taking for granted in my community?




With this moon in Capricorn and your ruling planets dry humping the hell out of universe, the astrological instructions for your week are very clear: expect the office to still leave you feeling wildly unfulfilled and distract yourself with another warm body that you can’t get enough of.

Venus is tag teaming both your ruling planets, and the world has never seen you look so attractive. If you are single,  swipe your heart out. If you’re in a relationship, your warm hearted vibes will bring you much closer. As for work, just write down all your good ideas. They’ll come in handy later down the line. Confrontations will not work out in your favor.

Song of the Day: Same as Scorpio


Your ruling planet is out here doing the most right now, and it couldn’t come at a better time. This week you’ll be all about the relationships, and they will be all about you. Don’t be surprised if people come to you seeking a peaceful moment, thoughtful advice or just to share your great company. There’s a special ask from the universe right now; the world around you is in need of your grounding energy. Give selflessly now, and watch the love come back to you tenfold.

Song: Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On) Cheat Codes


You’re kinda on it this week. When most people might find this influence with a Capricorn moon a bit taxing, you’re not only taking it in stride — you’re leading the conversations that no one else can. Which is good. It’s about damn time you got some credit and space under the spotlight. Try not to be too extra about it, and keep what’s best for the larger community in mind. If you come out of this influence with a heart of service, you’ll find yourself as the unexpected hero in the workplace this week. Even if only a small few are there to recognize it — the changes that needs to be made will find space now.

Song: Heroes, Alesso


In so many ways, this is such a clear week for you. You’ll have the balance and calm attitude that allows you to see all the moving pieces on the table. Which brings me to a tiny bit of concern when Pluto squares your ruling planet this week. If you learn a piece of information and it’s something that doesn’t make you feel good, try to put a boundary around the situation. This week is all about learning how to create boundaries for your heart. To learn that other people are responsible for their actions and words — not you. It’s time to separate the feelings from the truth.

Song: Breathe, Michelle Branch


You’ve got a leader of the pack mentality this week as Mercury and the Moon give your sign a particular boost in confidence. You could really do something phenomenal, especially if you decide to step up and give a voice to those who need it when it comes to work affairs or community structures. It’s almost as if you can easily see how to bring stability where others can’t identity the real problem — which is fantastic! If you’ve been trying to find a way to leave your mark, this week has all the makings of someone who finally gets recognized for their talent.

Song: Lip Gloss, Lil Mama


Without much planetary influence in your chart this week, you’re going to find the space to do what you do best at work: rule. Where others struggle to articulate cohesive, clear strategies, you’ll find them falling out of your skull with ease. Especially if your ideas keep the greater good in mind; this is the kind of week where you can really stand out and make a great impressions in the workplace. Curiously, it’s also a good time to come back home and look at the constructs of your relationships. Do they feel just as good as your work victories? Anything there you can invest and improve? Just let yourself use this clear minded influence to ask what more you can do to love those close to you.

Song: Crown on the Ground, Sleigh Bells


I love this calm time that’s coming before your birthday month. Your ruling planet is out in the cosmos working her magic on everyone this week, and her presence is very needed — as is yours. While many will come up to you this week and seek out your company and balanced wisdom, this is also an excellent week for you to invest in creating your own peaceful environment around you. Take the breaks you need, and improve your home or your wardrobe in a way that gives you joy and delight. That will only radiate out to those who are pulled toward you right now, and improve your relationships over all.

Song: Fuck With Myself, Banks


Calling all the single ladies: it’s time to get your freakum dress on. This is no time to linger in the past over spilled lemonade. No time to lament over being the best thing he never had. This week your ruling planets have synced up with Venus and the chance to be drunk in love is at your front door step — the countdown to your next relationship starts now! Get out there! For those of you who are already crazy in love, Venus is cooking up a raw heat inside of you that’ll have you’ll asking the driver to roll up the partition, please. This is really a great time to fix any old relationship issues, and put your love on top.

Song: any of the Beyoncé songs listed above


With Jupiter opposite Uranus right now, you’re up for a bit of a challenge this week. It’s not so much that it’s a hard week — actually you might feel quite liberated and free. There’s a significant energy that supports you trying something new and creating a fresh start in some area that’s been letting you down. However, the only thing you should mentally prepare for is that the bigger the change you decide to make right now, the more challenging it will be to put into practice. Which is how most of life goes, anyway — so this is nothing new. Just try to be well researched on what it takes, so you don’t give up on this brilliant idea way too soon.

Song: Unbroken, Demi Lovato

This is a leadership kind of week for you, but not necessarily in the way that gets you the bonus points you are looking for — especially when it comes to your own ambitions. That will come later. With Saturn square Mars and trine Uranus, this is a week where you’re only going to get frustrated if you push your agenda down people’s throats. Instead, you will become far more successful with an attitude of service. Be helpful and foster community this week. When someone is bitching to you at work, don’t solve their problems for them — just listen. When you think of another reason you deserve a bonus, don’t shout it out to your boss. Write it down and research a bullet proof way to ask for it first. Being thoughtful and responsible are what people will notice most about you right now. Give the crowd what they want.

Song: Roxie, Chicago Movie Soundtrack


Everything you really want can become clear to you this week — which is amazing, since it’s been sort of clear, sort of nebulous for quite a bit of time. But what is really important, is not so much seeing your heart’s desires, but to refrain from taking action right now. Jupiter is up in your chart like a short man with a height complex — and he really needs to chill out before he gets you in trouble. It’s great to see the changes we need to make, but it’s better if we then create a realistic timeline.  AND it’s even better when we consider how these changes will impact those around us. Because people will definitely have things to say about you’re thinking.  It might be wise to craft a communication strategy that anticipates some pushback as well.

Song: One-Trick Pony, Nelly Furtado


Something in your heart is just not getting fulfilled right now, and there’s never been a more important time for you to be honest about it. The planets have a pretty dynamic 2018 lined up for you, and they are asking that you take the time to have the hard conversations now. You don’t need carry this negative energy into the new year. It could be something as simple as getting your landlord to finally fix the bathroom sink, or telling your boyfriend that you need a little bit of space. Whatever it is, you only need the courage to face the truth this week. And if you can’t speak up right now, make a plan on how and when to finally do so. You’ve had enough discomfort, don’t you think?

Song: Out is Through, Alanis Morissette

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