March Goodbyes and Holi Spring

March was a difficult month for a lot of people — me included. It really seemed to drag on with one unfortunate incident after another. And as the weather just loves to tease, I found myself obsessing for true spring and summer temperatures to finally arrive. However, when I came across this Holi video (the Hindu festival that celebrates the coming of spring), I realized I should probably rethink some of my lamenting.

While I don’t have the tendency to wallow for very long, this video made me wonder if I could have reached for the positive just a little bit faster this month — spreading it lavishly onto situations the way these Hindu children decorate everything around them. If I truly believe that life is what I make of it — why was I not making it as colorful as possible every day, every chance I got, no matter what?

While difficult situations are sometimes necessary, being captivated by their pain is not. We can always drop the negative emotions that don’t serve us and smudge our worlds with the colorful pigments that will make our lives beautiful and happier. It’s not always easy to do, but it is a truth that works.

Before Spring makes its way here, I invite you to join me in a day of internal scanning. See if there is anything you are holding on to that can use a splash of color — a wash of refreshment. Let’s give our Spring the best version of ourselves there is and leave what doesn’t serve us behind. After all, everything looks better in full color anyway.

Until April,


About The Video: Evan Meets World is a collection of  Evan Carpenter’s travel adventures around the world. This was from his trip to India. See his photos on his tumblr page and subscribe to his YouTube channel to watch more.


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