Going 5 Days Without The Internet

We are on the grid, mofos. If you’ve had a smartphone, a social media handle or even a pulse — you are now a part of a matrix of information sharing and skewed privacy laws. It’s not all so bad. Being connected to one another is a natural part of the human experience. So it’s no wonder we found a way to do it quickly and easily. But the questions have bubbled up and people are starting to wonder — do we need all these social networks? Are they actually meaningful or just harming the way we communicate with one another?

In their documentary above, Mother London investigates these questions by subjecting five participants to an internet-free week. No emails. No Instagram or Facebook. Not even their daily calendars or Google maps. They must go it alone and meet the world — completely off the grid. The results are varied, but wonderful to watch.

Taking Steps
Inspired to make some bold moves? Think you are ready to detox from the interwebs? Maybe start with some baby steps such as:

  • An hour before you go to bed, put away your devices and turn off the TV. Read a book or actually have sex with your partner.
  • When you wake up, don’t reach for your phone. Instead, reach for a yoga mat, or pancake mix, or extra sleep. Try to make 15 minutes for “you” time first. Then meet the world.
  • If you don’t really need to see how many personal email are in your inbox, take off the notification count on your home screen. It’s a gateway drug that just leads to more internet.
  • Designate a spot for your phone that’s not right next to you. Maybe it’s within eye range but at a distance, like across the room.
  • And finally, try not to bring your phone into the bathroom. Just 1 in 6 phones have traces of fecal matter on them, as Anderson Cooper once found out.


Homepage Photo Credit: Mother, Vimeo


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