Energy Bites: Get More Basil

Thinking of cutting out the tomato, basil and mozzarella this year to square away some pounds? Well, you may not want to, as basil is a classic Ayurveda go to for stabilizing your energy. Its fresh, zing-flavored nutrients sends cleansing waves throughout the body, bringing the mind both clarity and focus. It also has magnesium, which I love for when I am really stressing out.

For lunch, try throwing a few large leaves, whose flavors are milder, into your turkey sandwich with spicy mustard for a kick. Or, mince smaller leaves into your stir-fry Thai style, for a bold, refreshing flavor at dinner time. I know it can be a bit over priced in grocery stores, especially here in New York. Which is why over the years, I have grown my very own basil plants on the window sill of my apartment. It’s an easy herb to grow and the effort can easily save you a few Hamilton’s on the annual grocery bill.

how to grow basil

Just fill a small pot a little more than half way with soil, spread about 12 seeds throughout the pot (not too close to the edge) and cover the rest with soil. Water kindly every day, and in about 4-7 days, you’ll start seeing the miracle of life right before your eyes! It’s that easy, green thumb or not!

So keep the basil and skip the cannoli. It’s a zero guilt swap that’ll bring out the best in you!

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