Aloe Vera Is Probably The Best Thing Ever


So, the aloe vera plant might be my new favorite obsession. Even as I write this article, I have it slathered generously all over my face for the sixth night in a row. I feel like a Black / Puerto Rican version of Liza Minnelli — rich, kind of silly, but absolutely fabulous — and slightly sticky

The Benefits
I’m not talking about using the CVS gel bottle, either. For real results, you need the real thing. The properties of a single aloe vera leaf are like nothing else out there: it’s a natural antiseptic, helps heal digestive issues, fights against athlete’s foot, gets rid of the genital herpes’, reduces hair dandruff and like 80 bazillion other incredibly useful things.

Popular for the past 6,000 years, is what makes the aloe plant so powerful is its star-studded health components. I mean the gang is all there— vitamin A, C, E,  B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, manganese and more. Its gelatin consistency is amazing at sucking up toxins inside the body, thus giving the old immune system a nice healthy boost. And since it improves your digestion, don’t be surprised if your waist line doesn’t find a little benefit too (it’s really common).

How To Use
To get into the aloe game, there are a few things you can try. For internal healing benefits that include reduced swelling, better digestion, clearer skin and more, you can drink your aloe. You can find a brand you like at the grocery store (but watch out for the sugary stuff) or you can make your own concoction. The video below is what I drink, using a juice vial from Organic Avenue. But you can also scoop the aloe gelatin right from the leaf, drop it into a blender, add water and or a citrus of your choice and tada! Aloe Vera cocktail!

To use it topically, just scoop or squeeze the aloe right from the leaf and apply it to the area generously. Those who use it topically have found that it helps:

  • brighten the skin

  • reduce / get rid of Eczema

  • heal blisters

  • speed up hair growth / makes hair stronger & healthier

  • moisturize & provide oxygen to the skin

  • cure acne and heal scars

  • relieves sunburn

  • and more

Some people are sensitive to the aloe vera, so if you experience any weird side effects, you should stop immediately. And if a morning aloe cocktail is creating a sudden emergency every time you go to the bathroom (diarrhea) you should stop drinking it right away and check in with your physician. Sorry, Charlie.

But if you try it, and your body loves it, then cheers! Drink up!  And if you have an even better recipe for aloe, or it’s helped you heal something up, share below!

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  1. Gloria

    Wow! That’s you in the video? Awesome. Definitely trying this!!

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