6 Reasons Why Break-Up Travel Is The Best

Zenfulie got the f*ck out of town last weekend and had the best break-up vacation ever. Why? Cause why the hell not. You can stay at home and mope around or you can go out, meet the world, forgive everything and start living the best life right away. Don’t believe me? See the Instagram cuts for this 6-part video guide below.

Part 1: Bounce

Pick the cheapest place on the map (that’s safe) and get the eff out of town. Travel is a great way to immediately remember how big and great the world can be (even if your heart feels temporarily otherwise.) For this trip Zenfulie went to Montreal, where the people were nice, the food was amazing and Jazz Fest was the perfect distraction for all of life’s unfortunate intensities — hence, packing smart.


Part 2: Accept Your New Reality

The best thing you can do after a break up is accept that it’s happening. Lift a glass, thank God for the good times, and cheers to a better future with all the things you know now.


Part 3: Wander

You only have to open your eyes to see that the world is a beautiful place with lots of amazing things all happening at once. Life is much bigger than any temporary problem we have. To get over life’s heartaches, making memories of even the most mundane experiences can have a huge healing effect.


Part 4: Snack On The World

Try new things. You’ll be surprised by what you love. And also by what didn’t work for you. But just like life and hardships of relationships, after one meal comes the next and then the next and then the next. Eat well.


Part 5: Get Childish

Give yourself the day your inner seven-year old would be proud of you for. Get yourself a nice big red balloon or ride your bike all over town. Take a day at the amusement park and ride every single ride you want – multiple times. Eat yummy ice cream or get your aggressions out with a fun piñata. Whatever you choose, make a day that is just pure fun. You deserve to remember how big you can smile (and how good it feels when you do it.)


Part 6: Go Play

This is where packing smartly comes in handy. Get dressed up and meet the night. Get a dance on and don’t give an eff about who’s looking. That kinda confidence is bound to attract attention — and in the best way. And if the night leads into something special – so be it. You’re single. You’re hot. Have fun (but be safe!)

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