5 Books to Kick Off Self Care


Self care is important is a message that I’ve been hammering to my friends, my family, and to anyone who will listen. Why? As important as taking care of yourself is, most people don’t do it. We forget that self care is necessary part of life, not a luxury that we should indulge randomly. “What do you mean take care of me? Don’t you realize how much stuff I have to do?!”

I know! The problem with delaying self care or not taking it into consideration means you’re going to suffer. Yup – you heard me. I ignored my own needs for years. I woke up miserable, and things simply felt wrong. I knew there had to be more, and I decided to start with what I’ve always had in my life – myself.

You take you car in for oil changes, you make sure you get a physical every year (if you don’t, get on that please), and you go to training sessions for work. This time, it’s for you – maintaining your body, mind, and spirit to carry yourself through all of your passions. Getting into self-care can feel like an almost foreign concept when there are lists of responsibilities waiting for you. The reads below can help get you started, and learn more about how self-care have positive changes throughout your day to day life.

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant
This book is sixty pages long, is about five dollars on Amazon, and has the most blunt advice for taking care of yourself that can be done in seconds every day. Ravikant was in a low place when he came up with the idea to love himself – wholly, and with passion. He starts by telling himself every day that he loves himself, and gives short meditations that can be done in minutes that reflect how self care can change your day, and your life.

Raviant’s first piece of advice is to tell yourself that you love yourself, consistently and repeatedly until you start to believe it. He is honest about how his life progresses, from the positive changes to feeling desperate and frustrated again but remembering that all his hopes, desires, and dreams come down to loving yourself. Ravikant’s advice to tell yourself every day that you love yourself causes a shift in outlook that makes you realize that you are the priority.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
This was a mandatory read at my current job. Each habit is broken down to show readers how to achieve goals both independently, and with others. Some of the ways Covey says are ways to achieve success include beginning with the end in mind, where you image what you want in your future to help drive you in your present. It then explores how to prioritize your needs and responsibilities into urgent and non-urgent. This book is the kind that you have to read, then read again  to get the full message, since it details each step of reaching your goals both  personally and for your career.

The Power by Rhonda Byrne
The sequel to the popular self-help book The Secret, The Power brings all that was outlined in The Secret into a more detailed practice. It breaks down each practice through the stories of successful people who used its approach to reach their goals including the story of Anastasia Soare, yes, the Anastasia of the amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills. Her journey to the top is incredible, and The Power is worth reading for her perspective alone. This is the woman who made your favorite eyebrow powder. Learn from her.

Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht
This book isn’t exactly a self-help book, but it does teach you ways on how to become a #ladyboss in your career. Licht has a powerful, straight-forward perspective where she talks about leaving her original career path to work in fashion. She gives career tips throughout the book, but her inspiring story of doing what she knows she wants to do and not being afraid to take that chance will give anyone the fire they need to follow their passion.

Licht made a brave first step – she took the chance of changing her career path of becoming a doctor to follow her love for fashion. This lesson alone taught me to not be afraid to find a career that I love. Licht’s journey to finding her happiness in her career reflects how important it is to back your passion and believe in yourself enough to turn your passion into a career you love.

Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood
Okay, my track record with boyfriends is not ideal. I was in abusive relationships, and in relationships that left me completely unsatisfied. When I decided to pick up this book, I was apprehensive to give it a try. Who is this Robin Norwood? Why does she know my life?!

But, I realized that the struggles that she described and the ways she talks about moving through past issues that frankly pointed out why I’m attracted to such crappy men. If you’re the kind of woman who puts herself second in every relationship, give this a read.


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