3 Sides Effects I Loved From IV Vitamin Therapy


It was weird — I usually try to stay a football field’s length away from anything resembling a syringe needle. The idea of that rubber band tying tight around my forearm while a nurse hunts for my plumpest vein, is just NOT my idea of a good time.

But a few weeks ago, during the height of my office’s flu epidemic, the spa treatment for IV Vitamin Therapy seemed like the ultimate bio-hack that I needed to try at the Young Forever Aesthetics Spa in Brooklyn. I had been reading about it for a while now — a custom concoction of essential vitamins that can increase the body’s performance, detoxify the body, improve your sex drive and more. And honestly, when I saw Adele dropping $225 for her treatment, I found my heart warming up to the idea even more.

And I’m glad I did: not only was it the most seamless experience of my life (was in and out of the office in no time.) I also found that the YoungImmunity Fusion pack Dr. Lubin, founder of the spa, made the entire experience light, fun and even educational. From beginning to end, I understood what vitamins I was taking, what she was doing (with the needle) and every side effect I could potentially feel from the treatment.

Luckily, the only thing I felt were these three distinguishable things below that make me think that IV Vitamin Therapy is definitely worth trying… at least once in your life.

Clean Energy
Unlike when I’m all jittery on caffeine, the YoungImmunity Fusion pack gave me an cleaner energy that lasted for weeks. That’s most likely because, unlike when we eat food, these vitamins don’t pass through the gut, but go straight into our bloodstream —  delivering the nutrients we need even faster. Almost immediately after the treatment, I found myself naturally operating from an energy within (versus coffee or sodas.) Running at the gym came with ease and managing my packed schedule seemed to go without too many hiccups. And, most noticeably, I didn’t feel nearly as tired or burned out like I had felt in week’s prior.

Better Skin
I couldn’t help but notice how my skin changed after this treatment. Af first, I broke out a bit — but nothing serious that didn’t disappear in a day when treated. But then shortly after, I noticed the appearance of my skin definitely felt cleaner. There was a brightness to it that wasn’t there before, and I even have a hunch that the breakouts might have healed so quickly because my body was working with the proper nutrients to detoxify even faster!

Better Mood
While the past few weeks have certainly come with some hair raising moments, in general I found my response to the things happening around me felt more balanced. To support the vitamin injection, I tried hard to pair meals that supported the treatment a bit, and I think the holistic change of my diet (less processed and lots of water) really helped to make a difference. No matter what drama came up in the moment, I found myself being incredibly decisive and clear.

For more information on getting IV Vitamin Therapy, check out the Young Forever Aesthetics in Brooklyn.

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