3 Must Have Apps For Productive Goals

You can daydream about your goals all day long. But thinking and doing are two very different things. I swear by apps that keep my goals on track and give them the attention they deserve. Check out the three apps for productivity that have shifted my 2014 into high gear.

My friend recommended this app to me at a party and I swear my phone has never been the same since. Thinglist helps you organize and remember great ideas while on the go. More efficient than a notes app, it allows you to organize your ideas with filters. So you can organize the books you’ve been recommended separate from the measurements of your closet or the songs that you’ve been meaning to download. I love to keep my grocery lists on there, as well as new exercises I’d like to try. For 2014 goal productivity, I say Thinglist is a must.

Thinglist App

Planning new ventures requires the best of what we know and great humility to work through the gaps of what we don’t understand. In working through the gaps for Zenfulie, I learned the most from Elevatr — an app that helps storyboard the life of any project. I was able to set timelines, target audiences, business models and more with a guided approach that was easy and fun to use. And not to mention free.

Elavatr app

Time Planner
This might have been the biggest game changer of them all for me. I use this app to plan every minute of my day. With as many goals as I’m working on this year, measuring my effectiveness is very important to me. I can now see where I spend too much time and better plan how much space I need to do everything I want. (I also learned I need about 30 minutes to shower always — no matter what I say!) For anyone trying to do 30 million things at once, this is the app that will help you get it all done!


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