3 Apps For Better Self-Confidence


Self-confidence is a fickle thing. Even when you’ve got it and it’s Kanye-high, there’s no telling when a situation will smack that shit down. Sometimes to recover, we need some mental space to clear our thinking. Other times, we discover that we’re stuck in a rut and that we’re just flat out unhappy.

But as technology and the Aquarian age would have it, luckily there is an app for all of that. And Zenfulie has found 3 awesome ones below.


Headspace is an app that aims to make meditation simple — like having a personal trainer for your mind.  Their mindfulness-based meditations cover a variety of subjects including stress, creativity, weight-loss, anxiety and relationships. And each session is only 10 minutes long. Bonus!

Now here’s a catch that some of you may toss me some side-eye for: Headspace is a subscription based app. Grr. I know. But the monthly prices are the same as one cucumber martini and they do give you 10 free meditations to start with. Just try it. If you like it, then subscribe. If I had to guess, I bet there’s a hood way to share the cost amongst your friends, anyway.


This app might be my favorite on the list. (And it’s free. Stop side-eyeing me!) But sometimes when our confidence is wavering the most, it’s involved with a issue that we just can’t solve. Until now! Unstuck is an app that is designed to help you figure out the walls of your problems. It’s kind of like having a personal coach, right on your device, that can show you the various sides of your situation and help you get unstuck from them.  It’s super easy, with a very fun interface that allows you to sift through your emotions, organize your fears and find real answers and results. It’s a must try.


Happier App
Based on scientific research that shows we are healthier when we can appreciate the smaller moments in life, Happier is an online community app that practices finding those moments and sharing them daily. In addition to its community platform, they have 7 and 10 day courses including Self-Confidence Mediations, Eat, Move and Feel Strong and the Happier Makeover. They’re really fun and pretty informative. Most courses are free, but the ones that aren’t usually waver between $4 to $10. But there is no cost to posting in the community and sharing your happy moments. And if you need the reminder to find happiness in your grey-clouded life right now, then this is the app for you.


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Mária Benítez photo by Louis Greenfield, 2011.
“Simplicity is very very important. And strength,” Maria explains in her PBS Artisode. Maria is an American dancer, choreographer and director in Spanish dance and Tango. You can learn more about her and watch her powerful flamenco performances in this youtube clip.

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